Unable to communicate to frontend from server

Hi Team,

I would like to pop up modal in freshdesk frontend based on the scheduler event.
I tried using websocket in server side to achieve the above functionality but it didn’t work, is there any option to achieve this ?


Even I tried something similar to the same. But unable to achieve it.
Even in one of the Freshworks team member advised to use middleware to achieve it.

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@Freddy Can we achieve this case?

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Freddy said Hi Suman, Arun, and Gopi,

Unfortunately, it’s not possible to directly communicate between the server and frontend in Freshdesk Apps. You cannot use WebSockets or middleware to achieve this functionality.

However, you may consider an alternative approach. Using Freshdesk Data Storage, you can store the relevant data on the server-side and set the scheduler event. Then, on the frontend, you can periodically poll the data storage for updates. If the data storage contains updated information, it can trigger the modal popup.

Please note that this solution may not provide real-time updates, but this is currently the best available workaround.

Let me know if you need more guidance on this approach.

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