Unable to download using the s3 Links in OnConversationCreate event

We are not able to download using the S3 links on OnConversationCreate event in Freshdesk. When we try to open this S3 link in the browser tab, we are getting access denied or the following error is shown below.

we are able to process the S3 links on the conversation API. Because of this issue, we are making the conversation API calls on OnConversationCreate event.
S3 Links On OnConversationCreate
S3 links on Conversation API

Hi @Sheik,

I tried to reproduce the issue. But, I am able to view the image in attachment with the link received in the onConversationCreate event payload.

Is the issue still occur at your end?
I was able to see the image from the S3 link on Conversation API that you have provided. But, it’s expired now.

Hi @Raviraj,

I am able to reproduce this issue in my helpdesk.
S3 link on OnConversation create event
S3 link on Conversation API

@Sheik Reported the issue on your helpdesk instance with the Freshdesk product team with the sample links and screenshot.

I will keep you posted here on any updates.

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@Sheik This issue has been resolved.

Please let me know if it’s persisted in your Freshdesk account.