Unable to fetch email info in backend events

Hello Folks,

I have a requirement to capture unanswered calls and need to fetch email, name, etc through Freshcaller backend events but in the response, there is no info regarding contact details like email and name, even the caller has email and name. Can you please let us know if any alternative way of getting email information in the backend events? as this is high priority app!

here in attachement caller has email and name info etc.,


Hello folks,

Is anyone can help me in this, as this is immediate requirement?

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If I understand you correctly, do you need customer’s information? If so, did you try using Freshcaller API ? Can you please elaborate on your use case so we can suggest better alternatives.

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yes i need caller information if he has like email,name

i will get the payload like this if i use onCallUpdate event

{ phone_number: '+12015844716', root_call_id: null, created_time: '2020-12-31T08:10:34.000Z', call_notes: 
null, assigned_ivr_id: null, assigned_team_id: null, integrated_resources: [], assigned_call_queue_name: 
'Global Queue', phone_number_id: 56151, participants: [ { participant_type: 'Customer', duration: null, 
caller_number: '+919059409981', created_time: '2020-12-31T08:10:35.000Z', connection_type: 0, 
enqueued_time: null, cost_unit: 'usd', caller_id: 19209388, duration_unit: 'seconds', id: 62338189, cost: null, 
participant_id: 22190680, updated_time: '2020-12-31T08:10:35.000Z', call_id: 62338236, call_status: 0 } ], r 
recording_to_redact: null, direction: 'incoming', assigned_call_queue_id: 70748, id: 62338236, 
parent_call_id: null, bill_duration: null, bill_duration_unit: 'seconds', updated_time: '2020-12- 
31T08:10:34.000Z', recording: null, assigned_agent_id: null }

and there is no API to fetch caller id,participant id information, if i use id of the call same playload is coming can you help me this?

Thanks in advance,

We had shared an undocumented endpoint with Tejasri which solved the issue. We will be sharing the API once it is documented.