Unable to get user properties for Guest users in Freshchat

Hello guys,
I developed an app where reassignment occurs on certain conditions when the conversation gets reopened. In this process, I used on conversation update event and trying to get user properties based on Conv ID, and from the UI I’m able to see the properties as shown below, this is happening for the Guest users only like from bot


But in the backend payload, I’m receiving the properties as null as shown in the below

user: {
     first_name: 'Guest',
     avatar: [
     created_time: '2020-12-02T04:09:13.314Z',
     email: null,
     reference_id: '[spoiler]c7edb435a2149f6423d43bc37073714a53a77287[/spoiler]',
     id: [spoiler]'fd409067-52ae-46ac-a31d-b921008152ce[/spoiler]',
     **properties**: null,
     last_name: null,
     status: null,
     updated_time: '2020-12-02T06:19:06.876Z',
     social_profiles: null,
     phone: null

Can you let us know why properties are getting null?


Hi @soujanya,

Can you let me know what event you are listening to?
Ideally the onUserCreate event should return this payload but if the customer is using any bot or has integrated with a bot provider, the updates might happen as a separate call in which case you can try listening to the onUserUpdate event.

This should allow you to get the data properly.

Hi @Arjun_Paliath,

I’m listening to the onConversationUpdate event and based on that payload I’m trying to fetch user properties.
If I use onUserUpdate event then how I can get associated conversation to perform reassignments?