Unable to update the app with valid credentials error populates

Hey folks,
Today we are facing a bit weird issue. We have a custom app that can be successfully installed. Iparams validation doesn’t work on the settings update page.
When we use the same request for API key validation. There is no error. it’s only return
json { message: "Something went wrong" }

My validation code:

 * Payload and other options can be specified using `options`
 * Notice the presence of the debounce logic to avoid rate-limiting issues
 * @param {string} value 
 function validateAPIKey(value) {

  if (value.trim().length === 0) {
    return "Invalid API Key"

  const url = "https://" + utils.get("freshdesk_subdomain") + ".myfreshworks.com/crm/sales/api/tasks";
  const options = {
    headers: { 
      'Content-Type': 'application/json',
      'Authorization': `Token token=${utils.get("freshdesk_api_key")}`
  const p = new Promise(function (resolve, reject) {
    client.request.get(url, options).then(
      function (_) {
      function (error) {
        const { response } = error;

        if (response === 'This domain has not been whitelisted') {
          reject("Subdomain is invalid, please firstly check your subdomain.");

        const { message } = JSON.parse(response);
        if (message === 'Incorrect or expired API key') {
        } else {
          reject("API key or Subdomain is invalid.");
  return p;

Good Day!
can you please share with us the console logs and n/w HRA logs to debug further?
and also can you please verify the data which you are passing on install will be the same as the update?


Hi @Santhosh , it’s only a print 500 error.

chunk-vendors.364c4cb7.js:60 POST http://localhost:10001/dprouter?product=freshworks_crm 500 (Internal Server Error)

I pass domain and API key, same with install form. Install form it works, but in update form returns { message: "Something went wrong" }.

@Ebubekir_Tabak ,
Are you updating the local app (dev app)?
if so, can you please share us the FDK logs and browser HRA logs to debug further?


@Santhosh , I sent the logs from a direct message.

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