Update an Freshdesk Ticket on behalf of someone

Hi Guys!


I have a use case where I have to trigger automation to send an email to an agent.

the catch is the agent is dynamic and the agent count is massive in the instance so I can’t create an automation rule for every agent.

Note: the automation triggers when a particular field is updated.

Please let me know if you have any thoughts on this.

I thought I could update the ticket with the admins API on behalf of the agent and use the “send email to agent > event performer” as action but I couldn’t find any docs that support this idea.

let me know if any.

Thank you.

Hey @Bene_Immanuel,
I’ve shared this with the Freshdesk team! They would be reaching out to you soon.

Hey @Bene_Immanuel

so if I got you correctly, any agent updates a specific ticket field from within Freshdesk (bulk update or in ticket view directly) and you want so send an email to that agent after the update?

Because that should be possible right away as you are able to send an email to the event performing agent in update automations.

Or did I get something wrong? Is the update done by anyone else?
Or is the update done via API?