What are the limitations of onTicketCreate

Hello I have built a serverless application that runs when a ticket is created. My question is how is this event impacted when a ticket is created in freshservice via freshchat, email, and the support portal. Do these ticket creations trigger the event? From what I am seeing it appears they do not.

Does anyone have any further information regarding the onTicketCreate event in a serverless application?

Appreciate the help.



Hi @Zach,

If a ticket is created through any medium as you listed in the documentation, the onTicketCreate event gets triggered.

If you have noticed events are missing for some tickets, could you share the account details, ticket details, and timestamp so that we can investigate?

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Hello @Raviraj,

Based on the documentation, all it says is “When a new ticket is created…”. Unfortunately that is a little vague. However, I did go back and do some further testing and have found that my original issue was not a lack of limitations from onTicketCreate but a limitation in my application. I apologize for the confusion and misleading you all. It appears that whenever a new ticket is created, regardless of source, it triggers the event.

Thank you for checking up on this though.

Take care,


@Zach Please let us know what detail do we miss on the documentation and we can get it corrected.

Let us know if we can help with your use case. Also, thanks for the confirmation!


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