Which app type should be used to publish a CTI app to Marketplace?

We are SparkTG , cloud telephony providers. We are new to freshdesk environment and recently have developed a freshdesk CTI integration app. I was going through the app publishing process and found out there are two ways to do so :-

  1. Freshdesk Apps
  2. Custom Apps

Can anybody tell me by which approach should we move forward, what is the difference(From a user perspective who is eager to install our app) between them and what are the pros and cons of both the approaches.
Thanks in advance !

Freshdesk App:
When the app is published as a Freshdesk app, it will undergo a review processes like code review, QA, and content review. This will take around 1-2 weeks and once it is approved it will be published in the Freshdesk marketplace. Once it is available in the marketplace then Blossom plan customers can install the app.

Custom Apps:
Custom apps are not subject to the review process and are available for installation within 30 minutes of app submission. But this will be available in the published account alone and it will not available for all the customers.

So the baseline is if you want the app to be available to all the Freshdesk customers, publish it as a Freshdesk app, or if you want the app to be used by a specific user go for a custom app.