Will serverless App Events get triggered for records in a bulk custom module import

I imported 14 records from XLS using Custom Module import in Admin Settings. I have a serverless app that is looking for onCustomModuleUpdate events. But the app never got triggered for any of the 14 records which leads me to think that bulk import does not trigger OnCustomModule import events.

Is this correct?

If so, any thoughts on how to trigger the OnCustomModuleUpdate events? I guess I’ll have to write my own REST API script to update them?

Hi @stevemc,

When creating a record with Custom Modules will trigger the onCustomModuleCreate event. Since you have the app listening to the onCustomModuleUpdate event, the 14 records have not invoked the app.
More details about the event are in the docs.

If you are looking to trigger the onCustomModuleUpdate event only then this is triggered when the record in the custom module is updated.

Hope this helps!

I reviewed the link provided. Does not make it clear why a bulk load of custom module records does not generate an onCustomModuleCreate event.

IMO, it should generate the event. Why would bulk loading records be treated different? I have apps that scrub the inbound data and correct it. Having a way to bulk load means my apps get bypassed. I view the current behavior (not invoking onCustomModuleCreate for entries added via bulk load) as a bug.

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