You can now sign up as a Freshworks Developer ๐Ÿ™Œ

Since our developer platform, app developers have signed up for Freshworksโ€™ product accounts as customers and continued their development for a long time. It only made it harder for us to treat our developers over who they are โ€” as developers! :woman_technologist:

Developers had to request trial extensions again and again to continue their development. Developers had to move to the app management portal as an admin customer to manage their apps. The result is a varied experience for developers to use the customer-facing UX to get things done.

As a team, it also became more challenging for us to ship features that matter only to developers. Imagine the possibility of viewing app review feedback and other notifications within the developer portal without referring to tens and hundreds of emails. Today, you will get to manage all our current product subscriptions under one developer account. Our engineering team has all the plans to bring the ideas to reality.

This endeavor will now have users sign up as Freshworks Developers. It is our first step in the right direction for the developer experience we want for our developer community.

I hope you are excited as I am! If youโ€™re not, you should check out signing up today.

Sign up as Freshworks Developer today ๐Ÿ™Œ

How? Refer Step by Step Guide now


What a great concept!! I have signed up under my freshworks ORG URL and love how all of my developer portals are now housed under one Developer Account. Thank you for this, and the acknowledgment as a Freshworks Developer!!!

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Hi, just to confirm - when a trial expires I will be able to start a new trial with this Developer Account? Thanks!

We are right on this, @Kyle_Robinson

It is not live already. Our @Product-Managers now have a way to identify a developer, allowing us to work with every Freshworks product team to accommodate the developer flavor.

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