Freshcaller get current call details inside routing automation function

Need to know the payload of a routing automation function configured.

What will be present in the request parameter including the input?

I could not get the function logs when the app is installed on an account.
Raised a topic on the same in community. Freshcaller routing automation function log not visible - App Platform - Freshworks Developer Community

My goal is to extract the current call details when routed to a routing automation function.
Please advice here.

Hi Gopi,

The request parameter will have the input property as defined in the actions.json file. If you notice in the documentation, the parameter can only be input and static. So, it will always be in the following format.

"properties": {
   "input": {
     "type": "string"

For serverless logs for actions, if the action is triggered properly from Freshcaller, the logs will be printed and appear in the Serverless logs.
If you’re sure the event happened, but the app does not show the logs, please create a support ticket to the respective product and the team can troubleshoot and help with the issue.

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