Get assistance in extending platform rate limits for your apps

Why and what you primarily need?

Freshworks Developer Platform provides rate limits to ensure fair usage of resources across all apps running on the platform. Usually, these limits are enough for most apps in production. However, a few use-cases and accounts with more users might require higher limits. If you ever run into a similar situation, the below-mentioned fields are what you essentially need for creating a request:

  • Account Domain: Provide your Freshworks product’s domain URL. (Example:
  • App Name or App ID: Provide the app id/name; Unsure? Follow these steps.
  • Platform feature: Choose your required platform feature on rate limit increment.
  • Required per-minute rate limit: provide the necessary per-minute rate limit.
  • Required duration: Temporary or a permanent choice depending on the requirement; provide the data and time scale if temporary.
  • Total number of users/agents: Provide the number of agents/users have access to.
  • Approximate number of concurrent users/agents: providing this helps us to know more about the necessity and the priority. Enter the number of simultaneous users/agents.
  • How many requests/operations are executed per user action or Serverless event?: For example, 1 request per app open in the sidebar, 3 requests per onTicketUpdate event.
  • Does the app face rate-limit breach in production?: As simple as Yes or No
  • Justification for the mentioned rate limit: Briefly explain the purpose of the needed rate limit and why you think increasing the rate limit would solve the problem?
  • Additional Notes: Feel free to share any addition information you want to add.

Platform Limits

You can also check or keep the following rate limits with respective product features available from Developer documentation as a reference. These limits are per-app and per-account levels.

Product Features Limit Limited to
External Events Requests from third party services are limited 250 / minute
Data Storage Number of operations combined (set/get/delete) 50 / minute
Server Method Invocation (SMI) Number of invocations 50 / minute
Request Method Number of requests 50 / minute
Custom Apps Number of custom apps 25 / account
Serverless functions Memory (RAM) 128 MB

How to raise a rate limit increment request

The following step-by-step procedure will help raise a request as an initial move.

  1. log in to the Assist portal and choose “Request a service.”
  2. Hop over to “Platform Features” and select “Platform Rate-Limit Change Request”.
  3. Provide the required details, and hit “Place Request.”


  • The app Rate-Limits are per-app and per-account.
  • The same Marketplace app would require rate limits to be increased for different accounts if needed.

Okey-dokey, unless any clarification is required, our team will increase the limits without any further replies.


Could you please confirm, Is there any charges applied or not for the Rate Limit increase?

If charges apply, please elaborate on the charge details. Else let us know if any additional processes are involved in the rate limit increase.

@ajithr please raise a request, we certainly do not charge for a significant increment with a proper justification, beyond that something needs to be discussed.

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