In Freshworks CRM Contact update event is not working properly

We faced few issues with contact update event in freshsales suite.

  1. The event method contact.update is not getting triggered properly,

  2. The front end App, contact.update is triggered only when we open the front end App and then update the values in the contact otherwise the App is not getting triggered.

  3. In sereverless, we have used the event onContactUpdate event. The onContactUpdate event is triggered when we create a new contact also.

I just tried with (“contact.update”, propertyChangeCallback); ) exactly in the document. But the event is not triggered i.e., without parameter in the event.

So, have passed a parameter in the event like(“contact.update”, propertyChangeCallback(“success”));). But I am not able to receive the exact field name in the console log details instead I received “success” only when the field is updated.

Please refer the link below for your reference,


Hello @Priyadharshini_Ramas

I noted that this question was tagged under the Ideas category. I took the liberty of moving it to the App Platform category so it could get the right attention. Note that the Ideas category is mainly suitable for feedback or feature requests for the Freshworks product management and engineering teams.

Having taken a look at the sample code you have shared via Google Drive above, I wanted to recommend that you check out our relevant sample app for Events Methods. You will note there that the change event is registered as part of the on-app-activated handler. Do you mind trying this and letting us know if that helps?

As for the triggering of the serverless app you wrote when a contact is created, do you mind sharing the relevant server.js and manifest.json files for the same? Please remove any secret or confidential information from the same before sharing. Can you also please confirm if this was noticed when testing locally using fdk run or after your app was deployed as a custom app in your Freshsales Suite account?

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