Input Event in End User App

Hi Everyone

Hope you are doing well. Righ now im building an end user app to get a data when a user fill an input. Right now Im facing the issue that my app doesnt obtain the value when I fill the input. Here is my code from app.js:

document.onreadystatechange = function () {

  if (document.readyState === 'interactive') renderApp();

  async function renderApp() {

    try {

      window.client = await app.initialized();'app.activated', onAppActivate);

    } catch (err) {





$(document).ready( function() {


      .then(function(_client) {

        console.log("Primea funciona app inicializada");

        var client = _client;'app.activated',

          function() {


                      client.request.invoke("serverMethod", {}).then(function(data) {



                          objToken = JSON.parse(data.response);

                          console.log(objToken.access_token, "TOKEN");







async function onAppActivate() {

  try {

    let { portal } = await'portal');

    let textElement = document.getElementById('apptext');

    textElement.innerHTML = `Portal name: ${}`;

    console.log("TEST APP ACTIVADA");


  } catch (err) {




function handleErr(err) {

  console.error(`Error occured. Details:`, err);



$(document).ready ( function() {

  app.initialized().then(function(client) {

  window.client = client;"customFieldChanged", eventCallBack);    



var eventCallBack = function (event) {

  var customField =;

  var test = customField.hola;




Here is the capture of my input fields: 

Thank you for your help

Hello Andrea

Can I understand why you have both document.onreadystatechange and $(document).ready. Can you probably remove the jquery one and try to run it again?

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Hi Shravan.

Hope you are doing well. Can I asking you something ? It is possible get the information of a input from customer portal ?


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