Integration between freshdesk and third-party instance - Server URL of Freshdesk for whitelisting


We are integrating the Freshdesk and thirty part instance. We have developed an front-end App in Freshdesk.

In the integration, the third party instance asking server URL for whitelisting the production domain and testing environment to access their API and get response. We have already shared the IP ranges which is mentioned in Freshworks developer document. But they are asking for **server URL **.

Could you please help on this to proceed further?



Do we have any updates on this?

Thanks in advance,
Sateshsoundar N

Hi Team,

Could you please help on this? Our customer has been for the Server URL for the Whitelisting.


Hi @Priyadharshini_Ramas,

How is the API request made from the app? Is it using the platform’s Request Method or any other HTTP library?

If it’s the Request Method, then the IP addresses are the server URL too. We do not have a domain for it.

Hi Raviraj,

We are using xml https to hit the API of the third party. In this case how the static IP ranges will work? Could you please help us on this?

Below is the sample code screenshot.

@Priyadharshini_Ramas Since this API request goes directly from the app, the app’s origin would be the origin for the requests.

Please check this topic for the app’s URL.

Hi Raviraj,

We have referred the topic that you mentioned.

As per the topic, Shall we provide the URL “” to be whitelisted by the third party?

Kindly clarify us.

Yes, that’s the URL to be added to the allowlist.

Hi Raviraj,

Thanks for the confirmation!

We have shared the URL with customer.


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