Username-Password Authentication Support

I saw this in a “Trigger Webhook” Automation action:

We are suspending support for username-password based authentication for Freshdesk API endpoints. We request customers who signed up before May 21 2021 to move to API key-based authentication before August 31, 2021.

Does this mean that Freshdesk API endpoints will no longer accept username-password authentication, but that it can continue to be used with other web services?

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Hi @bdanker,
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Yes. If you are using basic authentication using username/password in your webhooks, custom apps, or API transactions in Freshdesk, you may have to switch the authentication method to ‘API key’ based authentication. Basically, API keys are more secure when you make API transactions and API keys are more immune to any external attacks.

What to do next?

You can start using the API key right away. You can find it on your Freshdesk Profile Settings page.

Please note that :freshdesk: will stop supporting username/password based authentication starting 31st August, 2021.

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Thanks @Hemchander - can we continue to use username-password authentication for other (non-Freshdesk) services within the “Trigger Webhook” action?

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Hi @bdanker, As a rule of thumb, I would recommend modifying username-password authentication to API key-based if it involves :freshdesk: REST API consumption in any way

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