No onAppUpdate Event?


I’m making an update to an existing Freshservice app where in the onAppInstall event handler, I’m creating a recurring schedule. An existing installation of the app that gets updated to the latest version of the app would also need to have the recurring schedule created. However, when the app is updated, the onAppInstall event handler is not called. There also does not appear to be an “onAppUpdated” event that I can use to create the recurring schedule in.

How would I be able to create the recurring schedule when the app is updated, just like when the app is installed fresh?


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You are right, @Chris_Scaglione .

We have raised this request with the our product managers and have seen this request before

cc: @Product-Managers

I appreciate you raising this topic once again. It helps us to put additional weightage in our asks on behalf of developers.

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Thanks @Saif!

So it seems like the only workaround at this time would be for the user to uninstall the app and install it again so that the schedule gets created by the onAppInstalled event, correct?


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We bought afterAppUpdate for the app developers! Thank you for creating this topic! @Chris_Scaglione