Not able to Render My App on left_nav_cti in Freshworks CRM

I’m trying to render my app on the left sidebar as a CTI Pop-up App by appending the “?dev=true” to the local url but unable to render it. Although, I’m getting the message “FDK Serving the Local App ‘’”"
My manifest.json file is like this-:

Also, if I try to render it anywhere else like the “contact_entity_menu”, it is working fine.
I’m not sure about it but I can find that by-default in-built CRM Phone is activated in the left side bar which may not allow to render my app.

Please let me know if you require any additional information. Any help would be highly appreciated.

Hi @servetel.fw.crm,

Apps those load in the global navigation bar are not supported by Freshworks CRM for local app simulation, as mentioned in the Global Navigation Page > Notes #3

As per our best efforts, we have bought this to the attention of :freshworks_crm: team. Unfortunately, we don’t have active updates on this from the CRM team. I would request you to send an email to to know the latest updates on this aspect.

In order to simulate the app that will reside on Global Navigation Pane, the CRM team expects the developer to upload the app as a custom app in a test account, at the moment.

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Hi @Saif,
Thanks for replying at the earliest.

Although the local app simulation of full_page_app is not supported currently by Freshworks CRM. But my app is a CTI POP-UP (left_nav_cti). It doesn’t run on the full page rather gets load up in a small left side bar app whose icon is loaded on the global navigation bar. Does Freshworks CRM treat both the same (due to the icon being loaded in global navigation bar)?

Also, if I’ve to test my app by uploading the custom app, how can I achieve the pre-requisite - Each component in the coverage summary should be **at least 80%** for apps to be submitted in Freshworks Marketplace. ?

Yes, @servetel.fw.crm. It appears like it. CRM team treats both the placeholders as part of the global navigation page. As a result, both of them will not work in local simulations.

Since it is not possible to create code coverage, that means as soon as you submit, an automated system that checks for 80% code coverage will auto-reject your app. Please don’t worry about it; reply to the email with the elaboration on why you couldn’t create code coverage. The app reviews team should be aware of this non-possibility taxed by the CRM team.

The app reviews team would likely advise the alternate next steps.
cc: @Vikas_Sharma

@Saif @Vikas_Sharma,
I mailed you guys on the provided email but didn’t got any response. Can you guys tell my alternate steps to publish my app on the marketplace and achieve prerequisite of 80% code coverage.

Not sure if you have shared the tracker ID/app ID / or email address you are referring to here. I will initiate a private message to gather those details to see if I can help.