How to modify your Freshworks app from Free to Paid?


The Freshworks Neo Platform facilitates developers to create and launch an app publicly on the Freshworks Marketplace. Once published these apps will be accessible to our huge customer base with 60k+ customers worldwide. It offers the app developers an option for monetising their applications by converting them to paid applications which are installed by customers on a monthly subscription basis.

Often developers might not be sure about app adoption and optimal app pricing at the beginning of the development process, hence they generally list their applications as Free apps on Marketplace. For such applications as the app adoption and customer response increases, the developers would like to support and monetize their apps to earn revenue while at it. This document covers detailed steps on how to convert your Freshworks Marketplace Free App to a Freshworks Paid app.

As a developer when you have submitted your application as a Free app, your application would have already been through the Freshworks App Review process. The recommended product guidelines for app and code coverage practices would have been incorporated already.

However, below is a quick summary of the overall process.

Steps for conversion

For converting your free app to a paid app, the app must adhere to the app review and approval process. The process involves 2 steps.

  1. Deprecate/Hide your public app from the gallery
  2. Upload your application to Marketplace as a Paid app.

Deprecate/Hide your public app from the gallery

Follow the hiding the app from the gallery section to unlist/hide your app from the marketplace gallery. Once hidden, users won’t be able to search your application in the gallery, however, the complete removal from the site may take up to a week.

Upload your application to Marketplace as a Paid app.

Follow uploading the new Freshworks App workflow for uploading your app. Ensure the app is marked as paid and the pricing method is selected. We support two pricing methods.

  1. Agent Per Month: Customers are charged the price specified in the Set Price field, for every agent using the app.
  2. Account Per Month: Each unique customer account is charged a fixed price specified in the Set Price field, irrespective of the number of agents using the app.

Fill in the currency value for all supported currencies. Fill in the necessary details and apply for review by clicking “Save and Publish”. The application will be submitted for app review and if it meets the acceptance criteria will be published in the specified time interval.

Additional Resources

Below are the resources for additional information

Will the new app still be able to have the old name?

E.g. the app with the name “awesome” is hidden:

If I then upload a new app with the name “awesome” as a paid app. Will that be a problem